Methadone Treatment

Crown Heights Center’s HOPE Post-Acute Rehabilitation and Methadone Treatment Program is a comprehensive treatment program that allows those in need of skilled nursing and rehabilitation services to continue their methadone treatment uninterrupted. The HOPE Program gives methadone-dependent clients the opportunity to focus on completing their rehabilitation while specialized Allure staff work with the client’s community-based methadone clinic to ensure continuity of care.

Crown Heights Center’s HOPE Program:

  • Assists with hospital discharge planning
  • Coordinates preadmission with methadone clinic prior to admission to Crown Heights
  • Administers methadone at Crown Heights, avoiding unnecessary transportation (reducing client health risk and transportation cost)
  • Ensures mandated psychosocial and clinical-based meetings are held with methadone clinic as necessary
  • Provides courtesy dosing for out-of-state/area clients

The HOPE team

Crown Heights’ HOPE team is a multidisciplinary collaboration between the Crown Heights staff and a network of methadone clinics. The team is made up of clinical and psychosocial professionals who take an individualized patient approach to care.