Geriatric Psychiatry

Crown Heights’ Geri-Psych program provides comprehensive treatment and management of behavioral and psychological symptoms and medications for patients who present with behavioral and mental health needs, with or without dementia. This program allows for treatment of patients with behavioral and mental health illness by utilizing a unique screening protocol and focusing on nonpharmacologic interventions to ensure the highest level of quality of life. Our interdisciplinary team utilizes clinical pathways, screening tools, medication management with an emphasis on gradual dose reduction and discontinuation, rehabilitation, and restorative recreation to achieve optimal patient outcomes and satisfaction. 

Our specialized team of care professionals includes:

  • Physicians who help to manage changing medical needs and work to reduce and limit the use of antipsychotics
  • A nursing staff that delivers daily care
  • Physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists who involve patients in an intensive, evidence-based treatment program in accordance with our clinical care pathway and neurologist’s protocol. A home exercise program is established to aid in carrying over exercises that will assist post discharge.
  • Dietitians who provide nutritional support and education
  • Social workers who assist in transition to/from facility while meeting patients’ social/emotional needs
  • Concierge service to personalize the stay and offer post-discharge follow-up and support
  • Recreation therapists to coordinate use of recreational activities to help regain independence and promote physical and mental wellness
  • Psychologists who address cognitive, emotional, or behavioral issues