“I enjoy the staff, especially the nurse who did personal care and all the physical therapists. They were very good at what they do. The people that I came in contact with were friendly. I would recommend that anyone stay here and have a good recovery.”


“This is a great place for your family member to be. The staff have good work effort. They take great care of my family. Every since my stepfather began here it’s been a good recovery for him. I would like to thank the staff and hospital members for his recovery.”

– Eric


“This rehab has good trainers that are thoughtful about your physical and mental disabilities. The physical therapists care about you really and show that quality staff is good in business evaluation.”

– Dexter

“I just want to say that the support that I received from Sirlina at Crown Heights was superb. Some of the CNAs have been such a blessing to me.”

– Gail


“Very impressed with the care and dedication of the staff. I am getting stronger and am growing, learning to adjust to changing life and appreciating the quality of care here at Crown Heights Center.”

– Melvin

“Upon being discharged I am able to climb 3 flights of stairs. Special thanks to the team. They are very encouraging, professional and knowledgeable of their profession.  They explained everything being done. I am truly grateful for them and this establishment.”

– Linda


“I hoped to receive physical therapy and instructions for the future. As a musician I spend much of my time sitting at a piano and I wanted instructions on also getting more physical exercise in the future. The two therapists I work with primarily were skilled, friendly, and very helpful.”

– Leroy

“I really wanted to return to my home and to be able to take care of myself with the assistance of a home attendant or a home health aide. With patience and not giving up they truly care for their patients.”

– Dorothy


“Crown Heights gave me physical therapy and a mental lift so I now walk steadily and almost perfectly. I am not bound to a wheelchair.”

– Adam

“The nurses are great and everyone is great. A lot of downtime. Therapists are great and try and keep you focused during therapy.”

– William


“Rehab has done tremendous work for me. 98% of the people here are polite, cooperative and understanding. They go the extra mile.”

– Eric

“Beyond my expectations. I was paralyzed when I first received therapy. Now I am capable of walking. They did not give up on me. I am able to stand and walk.”

– Roshee


“The rehab team is fantastic. They push me to my ability and strength. I appreciate it so much.”

– Christine

“I could not walk when I got here. After a week here I could walk. It was an emotional experience for me. Everyone is friendly and very clean. I really appreciate the CNAs.”

– Steven


“I like the rehab. I can stand up now. They have a very nice friendly rehab people.”

– Steven

“This was a great success. It was the best program ever!!!!”

– Phyllis


“I have come a long way since I came to Crown Heights Center. I received PT and OT. Everyone was very helpful and very patient with me.”

– Arila

“I like the activities here. The rooms are comfortable and rehab is good.”

– Harold


“They make you believe that you can do it. Over time, this helps you overcome weak confidence.”

– Johnathan

“I could not use my right hand, could not go to the toilet, could not dress myself, and could not walk. I was finally able to use my hand, able to dress myself, able to walk to the toilet, and able to take care of myself.”

– Oscar


“While at Crown Heights Center, I worked daily to strengthen and learn how to walk better. My nerves are not hurting as bad as when I came here.”

– Charles