Joel Landau

The Allure Group is the award-winning operator of Crown Heights Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation as well as five other nursing homes throughout the New York downstate area.

Joel Landau is an entrepreneur specializing in the healthcare field, forever pursuing his belief that “an improved, more cost-effective and holistic” approach to such care is “well within our reach,” especially for the elderly

He arrived at that conclusion while seeking care for his own grandfather, and perceiving deficiencies in the system. It led Joel Landau to co-found the Allure Group in 2012, with the goal of providing an accessible network geared toward holistic services. Now Allure’s chairman, he and his team have over time transformed several failing nursing homes and rehabilitation centers into comprehensive facilities that provide short- and long-term care for some 1,400 patients.

In supplying both types of care in Allure’s facilities, Joel Landau has said, the aim is to avoid the “revolving door” care typical of so many nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Instead of shuttling between facilities, patients are able to follow an individualized treat-in-place plan that allows them to become familiar with their surroundings, find their comfort level and make a full and complete recovery.

The staff at the Crown Heights Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation follows that directive to the letter, offering sub-acute nursing and cardiac, orthopedic and pulmonary rehabilitation, as well as stroke recovery and peritoneal ambulatory dialysis.

Central to the mission at Crown Heights is the “Hearts in Motion” program, where a team of medical professionals — one including a cardiologist, a nurse and a rehab social worker — is assigned to a patient upon admission to keep close track of his or her progress.

This team receives real-time alerts about changes in the patient’s condition, which is vital for doctors who might be seeing other patients or involved with other duties at certain times of day. Action can be taken far more quickly and efficiently.

Crown Heights patients also have access to such amenities as a beauty salon and a gym stocked with state-of-the-art equipment. Transportation and laundry services are available, as are American and Spanish menus.

In addition, Crown Heights features the Salud Latina program, a specialized 52-bed unit in which subacute nursing, short-term rehabilitation and long-term care are provided by physicians, nurses and social workers fluent in English and Spanish.

The thinking behind the unit is that environment plays a critical role in the healing process, and those admitted to Salud Latina will find themselves getting uncommon care in common surroundings. Staffers speak their language, and respect and understand their traditions.

Besides his ground-breaking work at Allure, Joel Landau also co-founded Pinta Capital Partners, an equity firm dedicated to improving patients’ access to healthcare, making that care more cost-effective and improving quality of life.

Joel Landau also regularly donates his time and resources to such charitable causes within the community as the Primary Care Development Corporation and has served on the Medicaid Managed Care Advisory Review Panel, among others.

Joel Landau is, in short, not only a fixture in his community but an innovator, forever searching for ways to improve the accessibility to, and quality of, health care for the elderly. As a thought leader, Joel regularly contributes articles about healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship to publications like AlleyWatch, CNBC, The IoT Magazine, and SCORE New York City.